We’ve all read the news lately (at least I hope we have; you shouldn’t be hearing this for the first time from me). About a week ago, Hurricane Sandy made its approach to the east coast, causing damage from the Carolinas to New England before passing up into Canada as a tropical depression. New jersey and New York were hit particularly hard, and I know some folks are still bailing out the water and waiting for the power to come back on.

If this all has a “been there/done that” feel, it should. You might remember a little over a year ago when the ensignmobile and I were moving from Newport to Norfolk, with my planned route directly along the path of the storm. I ended up taking some crazy detours and still ended up in a downpour. I’d post a link, but due to the joys of leave and airport-blogging from the phone, it just isn’t happening.

If you’ve seen some of the local Norfolk news, the word “sortie” had been tossed around. Part of the fleet did sortie, but it was canceled before all of the ships went out.

Obviously, the question I’m leading you to is, “Did the ChipsAhoy sortie?” Eh, not so much. We actually put the ship in drydock a few weeks ago, so it ain’t going nowhere. I was not on duty over the weekend, but the folks who were on the barge when the storm hit have declared that they earned their sea pay.

As for me, I barricaded myself in my apartment with water jugs and packaged food. I guess that’s kind of a letdown, bringing up the sortie only to say that I don’t really know anything about it because I spent the weekend perusing Netflix Instant except for the brief period when my internet died.

At any rate, if I have any readers who were affected by the storm, I hope you stayed safe, and I hope you have power.