I had reason to see a civilian eye doctor not long ago, and during the course of the appointment I realized just one more way my life was awkward.

First question: Have you had any recent eye injuries?

“Well, I was pepper sprayed about a week and a half ago. Does that count? It was during a training exercise; I wasn’t doing anything bad.”

Second question: Do you know which eye is your dominant eye?

“The right.” (A little too quickly)

Followup: ……..is that your shooting eye?


Second followup: Are you sure it’s your dominant eye?

“I saw what happened when people tried to shoot with their other eye, and it just plain didn’t work. I was able to hit the target, so yes, I’m fairly certain I’m right eye dominant.”

So what? My life is awkward. At least the occasional bizarre encounter serves to make the world around me a little more interesting. But still awkward. (I was also informed by a different technician that the drops he was about to put in my eyes were the worst thing that would happen to me all week, but they really weren’t that bad. I mentioned that they couldn’t possibly be worse than the OC. He didn’t really know what to say to that.)